July 28, 2017

AKC and UKC classify breeds into "groups" by their original purpose.
Northern or Spitz types may eventually be sub-divided.
Explore the Group descriptions below, or choose from the
menu bar above to decide which breed best fits your
lifestyle and interests. If you already know just which breed you prefer, use the drop-down
list of all breeds!

Sporting Breeds

Bird dogs hunt and retrieve by scent and sight

Spaniel or Pointer,
Flusher or Setter,
Sporting dogs are
the hunter's go-getter!


Scent and Sight hounds hunt feather or fur

By day or by night,
to tree or to ground,
there's nothing so sweet
as the voice of a hound.

Working Dogs

Service work, police, draft, and protection dogs

Watchman at night,
companion by day,
he does your bidding
at work or at play


Courageous hunters and faithful friends

No fear, no pain,
no game's too rough,
a working terrier
is dog enough!

Toy Breeds

Diminutive, delightful and utterly devoted

A Toy is a toy, a
companion and more,
a treasure, a joy,
and a dog to adore


Utility dogs are multi-purpose, companions

No look-alikes here,
but tricks they can do.
Your very best friend
is rugged and true.

Herding Dogs

Pastoral breeds protect and control stock

They move, gather
and faithfully guard
cattle and sheep and
the kids in the yard.

Miscellaneous/Rare Breeds

Often foreign or newly developed

Shower me not
with gems so rare,
give me instead,
a diamond with hair


They are types or species more than "breeds"

Old as the dingo,
wild as the wind,
wise as coyote,
Man's very best friend

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Poodle Dog & Puppy Breed Information
The Poodle comes in three sizes from under 10” to over 15” in a pallet of solid colors ranging from white to deepest black. The curly, dense coat can be clipped according to budget and time for upkeep but Poodle owners delight in defining their style and taste in this incredibly responsive and intelligent dog.

Poodle Puppy & Breed Information

See AKC Poodle puppies for sale from Gold Star Breeders

The Poodle originated in Germany but was developed in France as a water retriever and he is no sissy, whatever his size. The official AKC standard is the same for each size which are split into the Standard, Miniature, and Toy varieties.

Poodle Coat, Color, Care: The first utilitarian “clip” shielded the joints, heart, and lungs while freeing the rest of the body for buoyancy in the water. The poodle is clipped in distinctive show ring patterns or in fashionable, convenient styles for pet owners. All dogs shed and with his thick curly coat, the poodle needs regular washing, grooming, and clipping in order to maintain “the look” for which he is famous. The ears should be cleaned weekly and long hair gently plucked from the ear canal. Puppies adapt to this quickly and seem to consider it part of the pampering that all poodles expect.

Poodle Personality: He is regal and stylish but it is his high intelligence and willingness to please that endears him to owners and keeps him among America’s top breeds. Poodles accept strangers, respect their owner’s possessions, and are by nature, well mannered although he can be delightfully rambunctious in private.

Exercise Requirements: The poodle is well built and sturdy, with a distinctively springy gait at the trot. The breed is agile, balanced and quick, attributes that have earned him a spot in many trick and performing dog routines. He needs a good workout like any natural athlete and the Standard poodle will keep pace with any jogger. Fat, frustrated dogs may lick or chew out of boredom so keep your poodle fit.

Health Concerns: Poodles are amazingly long lived but Standards can be afflicted with hip dysplasia and all three varieties can develop Addison’s Disease, sebaceous adenitis, Cushings disease, PRA, VWD, or any other disease common to canines.

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Poodle, Standard, Miniature & Toy AKC Standard
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