August 20, 2017

AKC and UKC classify breeds into "groups" by their original purpose.
Northern or Spitz types may eventually be sub-divided.
Explore the Group descriptions below, or choose from the
menu bar above to decide which breed best fits your
lifestyle and interests. If you already know just which breed you prefer, use the drop-down
list of all breeds!

Sporting Breeds

Bird dogs hunt and retrieve by scent and sight

Spaniel or Pointer,
Flusher or Setter,
Sporting dogs are
the hunter's go-getter!


Scent and Sight hounds hunt feather or fur

By day or by night,
to tree or to ground,
there's nothing so sweet
as the voice of a hound.

Working Dogs

Service work, police, draft, and protection dogs

Watchman at night,
companion by day,
he does your bidding
at work or at play


Courageous hunters and faithful friends

No fear, no pain,
no game's too rough,
a working terrier
is dog enough!

Toy Breeds

Diminutive, delightful and utterly devoted

A Toy is a toy, a
companion and more,
a treasure, a joy,
and a dog to adore


Utility dogs are multi-purpose, companions

No look-alikes here,
but tricks they can do.
Your very best friend
is rugged and true.

Herding Dogs

Pastoral breeds protect and control stock

They move, gather
and faithfully guard
cattle and sheep and
the kids in the yard.

Miscellaneous/Rare Breeds

Often foreign or newly developed

Shower me not
with gems so rare,
give me instead,
a diamond with hair


They are types or species more than "breeds"

Old as the dingo,
wild as the wind,
wise as coyote,
Man's very best friend

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French Bulldog Dog & Puppy Breed Information
French Bulldogs average 25 pounds in brindle or fawn and are easily groomed, even the face wrinkles. Square and well-knit, the little “frog dog”s short tail wiggles to display a happy and highly individual personality. He snores, snorts, and sneezes but to those who love him, it’s an endearing trademark.
French Bulldog Breed Standard and Puppy Information

French Bulldog Puppy & Breed Information

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The French Bulldog evolved in France, was refined in the ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria back in 1898 and has been the delight of socialites in many countries. His bat ears are a distinctive feature. He is stoic about unpleasantness but has a terrific sense of humor and is inventive enough to display it!

French Bulldog Coat, Color, Care: His short, glossy coat is brindle or fawn with or without white markings. He can be all white but never black. He’s quite a spiffy little package but the distinctive wrinkles need daily cleaning.

Frenchie Personality: Pulling from his bulldog ancestry, the much smaller French Bulldog is animated but calmly mannered, accepting of strangers, and amiable with children, small animals, and other dogs. A real “people dog”, he demands human companionship.

Exercise Requirements: French Bulldogs do well in apartments as long as there’s an elevator to the top floor! His short legs and broad body, combined with short airways make strenuous exercise, well, strenuous. He will thrive best on morning and evening walks and lots of mental stimulation with his special person.

Health Concerns:
The French Bulldog’s brachycephalic head which contributes to his “frog face” charm can also lead to an elongated soft palate, shortness of breath and gagging, particularly in high heat and humidity. There are other conditions associated with swallowing and he is not an outside dog, ever. The Frenchie may develop cataracts or cherry eye. The folds or wrinkles must be kept clean and dry. If kept in proper weight and condition, he is muscular enough to be relatively free of leg problems but spinal disease is not uncommon. Other than problems related to head type and miniaturization, the Frenchie is a healthy breed.

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French Bulldog AKC Standard
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